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RS-Multiservicio para jardines y casas
Ronny Svejda
LGAR Taramay 195
Apartado Correos 231
18690 Almuñécar (Granada)

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The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS):
You can find our e-mail address in the legal notice above.
We are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

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Indication of copyrights

Logo ASH garden: User agreement signed on 18.08.2021 – Author: PRAHENDRA HADI DHARMA (ILHAM AFRORA)
© beawolf – – Fresh grass – Acquired on: 29.11.21 22:16 by Ronny Svejda
© white78 – – beautiful landscaping with beautiful plants – Acquired on: 28.11.21 22:55 by Ronny Svejda
© scaliger – – Landscaping panorama of home garden. Landscape design with plants, flowers and stone in backyard. – Acquired on: 28.11.21 22:13 by Ronny Svejda
© Andrey Volokhatiuk – – Detail of a botanical garden. – Acquired on: 04.08.21 22:08 by Ronny Svejda
© Stockwerk-Fotodesign – – House with clouds and janitor service – Acquired on: 01.12.21 12:00 by Ronny Svejda
© schulzfoto – – Horticulture with property boundary – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:54 by Ronny Svejda
© Wolfilser – – Excavator on construction site in front of sunset – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:53 by Ronny Svejda
© U. J. Alexander – – Modern high-quality privacy fence – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:19 by Ronny Svejda
© maho – – Wooden fence 1 – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:17 by Ronny Svejda
© Hermann – – Modern privacy fence made of gabions filled with natural stone made of galvanized steel mesh around a newly built property – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:15 by Ronny Svejda
© ThomBal – – Gabion fence in the garden – Acquired on: 01.12.21 11:11 by Ronny Svejda
© Jeanette Dietl – – Natural stone wall – Acquired on: 01.12.21 02:15 by Ronny Svejda
© cameris – – Paving work – Acquired on: 01.12.21 02:09 by Ronny Svejda
© schulzfoto – – Laying stepping stones, outdoor facilities – Acquired on: 01.12.21 02:03 by Ronny Svejda
© schulzfoto – – Modern paving, outdoor facilities – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:58 by Ronny Svejda
© Marc Strauch – – Terrace – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:54 by Ronny Svejda
© Thomas – – Automatic garden irrigation sprinkler system – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:50 by Ronny Svejda
© U. J. Alexander – – Garden irrigation with manicured lawn – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:48 by Ronny Svejda
© – – naturparadies hurstmoos-verein hindelbank burgdorf schweiz – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:46 by Ronny Svejda
© Animaflora PicsStock – – Green maintenance in a park – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:36 by Ronny Svejda
© Tatjana Balzer – – spring, garden, flowers, garden path – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:33 by Ronny Svejda
© ThomBal – – Manicured front garden with conifers – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:31 by Ronny Svejda
© scherbi – – Public park – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:27 by Ronny Svejda
© Andrea – – Garden in the sunshine – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:08 by Ronny Svejda
© ThomBal – – Modern rock garden – Acquired on: 01.12.21 01:05 by Ronny Svejda
© subjob – – Modern rock garden – Acquired on: 04.08.21 10:31 by Ronny Svejda
© mashiki – – summer private garden with blooming Hydrangea Annabelle. Curvy lawn edge, beautiful pathway. Landscape design in English cottage style. – Acquired on: 28.11.21 22:55 by Ronny Svejda
© manuta – – Beautiful Garden with blooming trees during spring time, Wales, banner size – Acquired on: 28.11.21 22:56 by Ronny Svejda

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